I remember the first time I saw Tuba Skinny perform, it was back in 2010 at the annual French Quarter Fest. I couldn’t help but be stopped in my track by the music coming from the group; it was the perfect blend of Dixieland jazz and ragtime that I adore so much. The band was formed in 2009 and consists of street musicians that excel in bringing back songs from the distant past and preserving them for today’s audience. Saying that Shaye Cohn is amazing on the cornet would be a huge understatement; she absolutely soars on the instrument with a fluent grace. Erika Lewis has such a unique and beautiful voice that fits in perfectly with the early ragtime rhythms and songs. Speaking of rhythm, Robin Rapuzzi provides some amazing percussion on his washboard and is a supreme showman, often tipping his hat enthusiastically to the crowd.

The Dew Drop was absolutely packed on the Saturday evening; the audience howled with delight after every number came to a close. This was a show not to be missed, I can’t wait to catch them live again.

Visit their website at: http://www.tubaskinny.tk/ to purchase CD's and support the band!

Full band lineup:
Erika Lewis - Vocals
Todd Burdick - Tuba
Max Bien Kahn - Guitar
Jason - Guitar
Shaye Cohn - Cornet
Barnabus Jones - Trombone
Robin Rapuzzi - Washboard

7/24/2015 12:17:23


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